Allstar nodes and Radio-less node adapters.
Voice over IP for ham radio, personal use and more using open source Asterisk PBX software.

Our adapter plugs in to your existing node, or, we can build a complete turn key node for you.
Why is a Radio-Less adapter (Radio-Less Node) perfect for portable, mobile?

"Radio-Less" is perfect when operating outside of your local repeaters coverage. Pair you node with an adapter and a hotspot and you have an amazingly powerful talking
tool. Never replacing real radio, but instead, offering you another path to talk back home. No need to have a radio connected to your node in the car and then a second radio
to talk to it.
You can also use these for other purposes such a personal family or friend "intercom" and even for business and public safety. Using private nodes opens up
endless possibilities. We have setup Fire Depts, commercial towing companies and even a family of 7 that lives in 3 countries that want to talk privately. Ask us how!
How does a Radio-Less adapter work for a base station?

Base locations that can't install an outside antenna, or your have a poor signal? This is perfect for a adapter. Also in the workplace at your desk. Now you have a very small
package that works on WiFi or CAT connection.
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Here is the smallest Allstar Radio-Less node on the market. Simply a Pi, with our adapter and mic. You can power this by AC, DC or USB-battery pack. As seen in our
videos, options for this setup is limited to your imagination. Great for your office, shack, truck, walking fanny pack and even installed in a train! Plug in a $30 amazon
Blue-Tooth transmitter and now you can feed audio to your car stereo or your headset.

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Advanced users that want to listen/operate on more then one node......This is for you!

Example: Here in Oregon, we have 3 clubs that are very active and we wanted to have separate connections to each group. Below is a single Pi, with 3 node numbers and
3 radio-less adapters. My house, office and truck all have "Triple Radio-Less Nodes".... We have tested 4 nodes on a single Pi with no problems.