Why did I begin building radio-less nodes?

Ever since Voice over IP has been available, many industries have
realized the opportunity this presents. Amateur operators around the
world have created many options such as Echolink, IRLP, Allstar etc.
I've been using many of these modes since 2001 and enjoyed it. I
travel often and it was allot to transport this equipment to talk back
home. My biggest issue was 2 radios.....One connected to the Node
and one in my hand. Thats allot of parts and..... Dealing with darn
batteries. At the same time, IRLP and Echolink required port forwarding
or VPN connections. This was the deal breaker for simple and effective
portable use.

Then I discovered Allstar. This is a name that first users created in
about 2014 when it was discovered the Asterisk open source software
could work for ham operators. It's not just limited to Amateur service,
this voice transport can be used for almost anything over the Internet.
If you connect a radio to a node, then and only then, does it fall into
additional rules based on what radio service its connected to (Ham,
commercial etc..)

Now, its time to point out why Allstar stands out from all the rest.
First, its open source! The sky is the limit with creating new features or
making changes. Second, Audio quality will amaze you. Third, outgoing
connections DO NOT need any open ports!!! Wow, I know! This is a
complete game changer that allows you to connect to ANY Internet
source and use your equipment. All of this will operate on a small and
simple Raspberry Pi, radio-less adapter and USB battery pack. Then
tether to your cell phone or hot spot and your connected!  

One final fact that is very important to mention. This open source
software is not limited to Ham Radio. No, in fact, its used for many
different services such as, Commercial, non-profit, personal etc...
ONLY, when you connect a radio does it then have to follow rules set
by the FCC for that radio service's frequency. If there are no radios in
play, then you have a internet intercom as an example. My wife
(not-a-ham) and I do this with a node in the house and one with me in
the pick up so we can talk when traveling. We also have other family
members on our "Family Net Hub" that never touches a radio. Our
nodes are "private" and not registered with the Allstar system. These
nodes connect with IP address, not node numbers. Really slick! Use
and options are what you can dream up basically - have fun with it!
Why build "Radio-Less" nodes?
<----Verizon hot spot
<-----Radio-less adapter
Speaker plugs in rear!
<-------Raspberry Pi 3
<----USB battery pack (10hrs of power)
^---You know
what this is, yea?
My wife wanted this
photo on here.....
My first Allstar radio-less node. Completely standalone
and will operate for almost 10 hours