Instructions for setting up a radio-less adapter. Only a couple settings in SimpleUSB
Thanks for purchasing a Radio-Less adapter.
Email:  Phone: 503-683-2683
Using the adapter is very straight forward. Here are a couple things you should know!
Settings below are for hamvoip image

You must use a USB 2.0 cable from the Pi to adapter. Not a charging cable!

Plug in mic to the front.......
speaker to the rear.... this is simple.... We use 5 inch midland or Motorola! Trust me, please use a 5 inch
speaker! Cheap speakers=cheap sound...Like Baofang!

The 3 pins next to the speaker jack are not used at this time. The jack will work with ether a Stereo or Mono
jack from your speaker.  Plugs in firm.

rpt.conf.....    Set duplex mode to ZERO and then down lower in the file “link to link” remove the                
semicolon to turn on Full Duplex.

SimpleUSB audio settings. (these values are for current HamVoip code!)
Set “COSFROM” mode to  USBINVERT ! (this sets rx green LED)
Set “PTT Mode”  active HIGH ! (this sets tx red LED)
Set  “RX Boost” to enable

Set “DCS filter” to enable
Set  “rxaudiodelay” to 8
Set “transmit level A” to 900
Set “Rx Voice Level” to about 875 +/-  (maybe a little higher or lower)
Tuning your RX audio (audio going to Allstar system) is critical. Make sure you understand this and if you
need help, let us know. TX level (to your speaker) is normally around 900 depending on how far you want to
turn the VOL knob.  RX level (from your mic) is the big one. We suggest testing your audio in loop back
mode. RX set to  825-950 WITH BOOST is typical. Everyone speaks differently so test it before you connect
to a node!  Very important to test and sound good locally in your shack or mobile before speaking globally!
Use the “Echo mode” to test! (option C) turn back off when done! If using this mobile, then test when driving.
Take the time, to make sure you sound good, up close and personal. Not over driven, not far away. Others
will thank you.

Make sure that nothing is plugged into your Pi other then the adapter and power supply. If a screen or other
device is plugged in, you might experience some hum or ripple noise in the mic audio!
Lights:  HB= Heart Beat (blinks green) showing a successful connection to Pi. This cannot be turned off. Its
hard coded into Allstar and is good to have.
                              TX/RX......Red means your transmitting.....Green is RX
If when connected, you hear audio that pops or is distorted, that means the far end station has to much
audio gain over driving......and there is nothing you can do about this, other then kindly letting them know.
Education is key with all these new digital modes. This is why we talk about setting audio levels is soooooo