By popular request, I'm building Allstar Nodes as
packages. These include:

  • Radio-less Node (amazing mobile, base and portable configs)
  • Hub (Reflector)
  • Radio connected uplink/simplex Node (setup to connect to your repeater or
    simplex station) I provide a commercial mobile radio ready for long transmit
    times. Motorola SM and CDM series available so that you connect to an
    outside antenna. If you don't understand the difference, contact me so we can
    discuss what your needs are. A simple hand held "black box" node might be
    better if your needs are basic.

Options available:

  • Battery pack (For portable operation)
  • Car power supply
  • Cellular amplifier
  • Cellular hot spot
  • Portable screen with keyboard

Custom requests:
If you have a custom build you would like me to help you with,
please contact me so we can discuss your needs!
Allstar Nodes Services
Price Chart

Radio-Less node $275
Includes node setup, AC Power Supply, Mic & Speaker

Radio Connected Uplink/Simplex Node $425
Includes node setup, URI interface, UHF Motorola radio
*commercial grade uplink for long transmit times. (not an HT)

Hub (reflector) $120
Includes node setup & programming

All funds are used to help maintain our repeater system for the Peak Radio
Association-W7PRA & Oregon Connection-K7LNK
. "Cheap ham notice" Yes, you can build one
of these units yourself for less money. Visit
HAM VOIP for more info! This is what I charge to
do all the work for you.
Contact me so I can answer any questions you have.
To place an order, call or email me so we can get
started. Every order is different, I will speak with each
operator on the phone to find out your needs and
suggest a solution.
Please understand that these nodes are customized
for the radio-less purpose. You will need a screen and
keyboard so you can configure things like Wifi, audio
levels and other options. I will explain all this to you. If
you use the same hotspot and/or phone then this
process is streamlined. I use my laptop to SSH into the
unit and thats even easier if you understand this route.