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Now available, our Radio-Less node that is fresh off the press & complete systems.

All sales go to the W7PRA & K7LNK repeater systems fund. Thanks for your support!
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We currently offer two options:

You can purchase the Adapter and the mic (its a set) & you
provide the node.

We also offer a complete build of a Radio-Less Allstar node for
those that cannot do it on their own. We do highly encourage you
to build your own, however, if your not a competent Linux person
and don't do computers, can't find a friend to help you....Then this
is an option.  Its not cheep, we know that most hams are cheep,
but, this takes a few hours to build, program, test and setup to
your liking. We also include remote programming support for any
changes you request. We can access your node by remote control
with your permission.

Some might feel these are expensive. Well, there is no china here
and allot of development costs. $6000 worth! These are built by
factory in the USA and that has higher costs. Those that own a
business understand high costs for high quality and someone who
speaks English. We wanted a very nice box!
Currently sold as a KIT !

This is the adapter and DTMF mic. You will
need an operational Allstar Node and a
USB-Micro-USB 2.0 cable to connect your
Pi to the adapter. Adapter location will set
how long
your supplied USB 2.0 cable will
need to be. We have tested up to 12ft. Also
a standard speaker that you supply to plug
into the adapter.
Please contact us with any questions before you make a
purchase. This is a new option in the Allstar (ham radio
market). We want to make sure you have a good
experience and also that you have the correct items and
knowledge to use your new adapter! We use the
HamVoip software, but, the older ASL image works fine.
                  Complete Radio-Less Allstar node option

After receiving feedback from the community, we will in fact offer a complete radio-less node package. This is a
complete node that is built, registered, tested and comes ready to deploy ether fixed or mobile. All you need to do is
set up an Internet connection via a CAT5 cable or Wifi. Considerable time goes into procuring the needed parts,
assembling, programming and testing. Fun for most, outside of knowledge for others.

This includes:
Radio-Less adapter with DTMF hand mic
Raspberry Pi with Samsung 32GB memory card and case
Separate AC & DC power supplies
Base or mobile 5 inch speaker with mounting bracket
USB to Micro-USB cable (Pi to adapter)
Remote support (Internet required)

Please speak with us on the phone prior to completing your purchase. We need to go over some details
about registering for your node number, how Wifi is programed and your intended use of the node. If you
want to use it mobile, what is needed and so on. Again, fun for most, outside of knowledge for others. We
will help you! Please allow 2-3 days for these builds to be completed.